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Privacy policy

Polymate is a geolocated and real-time application, which has been entirely designed to provide a quality, pleasant and secure experience. To ensure that this experience meets your expectations, Polymate presents its charter of trust, in 5 commitments.

Commitment 1:

Tag the world in complete confidentiality!

Your location remains systematically invisible: Moreover, the location of the crossing will never be indicated precisely.

In addition, in accordance with the law and regulations in force on the protection of privacy and in accordance with Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, known as the Data Protection Act, you have the right to consult, modify and rectify any personal data brought to Polymate's attention when using the service. Polymate contact details are available in the legal information.

Polymate undertakes never to transmit your contact data to other members or to any other third party. Your email address, your real identity are strictly confidential data that cannot be disclosed by Polymate.

Finally, Facebook Connect is mandatory, but we never publish on your Facebook wall without your consent.

Commitment 2:

It's always up to you.

Polymate undertakes to provide its members with the technical means to prevent them from being contacted, or no longer being contacted by a member.

In addition, with the "Block" function, you can prevent anyone from seeing you on Polymate, or sending you a message if you have already opened a conversation.

Commitment 3:


No Fake! No Fake!

Polymate undertakes never to create false profiles for any purpose whatsoever. Polymate also undertakes not to employ hostesses or animation services to increase the number of profiles and discussions on the application.

Commitment 4:

Check, validate, supervise.

To become a Polymate member, you must be at least 18 years old. Registration is prohibited to any minor.

Our moderators intervene as soon as a behavioural problem is reported to us. Indeed, you can report behavioural problems of a member at any time by clicking on the "blocked" button in the middle of the profile.

We take into account all your feedback, and do not hesitate, if necessary, to send a warning message or ban an unscrupulous member.

Commitment 5 :


Your opinion is important to us.

The Polymate quality department is committed to reading each of your messages. It is essential for us to understand your expectations, and to do everything we can to meet them. We have dedicated people on our team who take note of all your comments. Thank you, because these comments are used to improve the application day after day.